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Controlled Spirit Programs

minhasbreweries private labelWhen it comes to alcoholic beverages, distilled spirits are without doubt the most potent as their alcohol proof is far much higher than that of beer and wine.  In fact, when distilled spirits undergo several distillation processes and aged for many years, their alcoholic content becomes even higher.  It is only through the adding of distilled water during bottling and distribution that their alcoholic proof goes down, otherwise, taking the distilled spirit directly as a distillate or after being aged in oak barrels will most likely burn your taste buds.

There are many types of distilled spirits and each type has their own origins.  Normally, the types of distilled spirits that are best to buy are the ones that came from their country of origin.  Of course, while this is the norm, it is not always the case.  When you are going for wines and brandies, then it is normal that you will go for European ones.  With tequila, then the best will surely be from Mexico.  However, with other types of distilled spirits, since the ingredients used in making them are simply available for most countries, you really can’t say that the best of them would be coming from their country of origin.

Mass production is the usual norm for breweries that cater to particular type of alcoholic beverages.  However, with microbreweries, the production type is not always the same as they tend to experiment on making different types of alcoholic beverages ranging from different types of beers to different types of distilled spirits.  Of course, the best part about the alcoholic beverages produced by microbreweries is that their products are quite distinct from the types you normally get from mass-produced versions.  Their tendency to experiment with different types of alcoholic drinks that are not meant for the masses but intended for those with fine and sophisticated tastes have led them to creating premium quality products.

The thing about microbreweries is that some of their product lines are not always intended for selling to the mass public but more of brewing products for companies who are classified as contract brewing businesses.  There are some microbreweries that are able to cater to different types of alcoholic beverages, including distilled spirits.  Their controlled spirit programs are one of best in their class as the resulting products are always of fine and premium quality.  Basically, the private labels that get their products from such outstanding microbreweries will have a fine list of clienteles as the products are simply in the super premium category.